The official documentation for WnD: Reborn
Wizards & Dragons is an on-chain multiplayer strategy game involving utility-focused NFTs, defi, and fun game mechanics.
Wizards & Dragons is designed to be playable 1 or 100 years from today. The NFT characters are enhanced and evolved over time through gameplay.
The code is open source and audited.

100% on-chain

The entire game including code and artwork is permanently stored on the blockchain. No files are hosted on IPFS or APIs where they could be tampered with or lost over time.

Provably fair

Wizards & Dragons is integrated with Chainlink VRF for provably fair and verifiable random number generation.

Public domain

Wizards & Dragons is released in the public domain under the CC0 license. Feel free to use Wizards & Dragons in any way you want.

NEW: Significant gas savings

The gamified Rift bridge allows players to benefit from both Polygon's low gas fees (usually costing pennies) and Ethereum's security.
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