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Getting Started


  1. 1.
    Install Metamask
  2. 2.
    Add Polygon to Metamask
  3. 3.
    Bridge assets via The Rift
  4. 4.
    Get some MATIC for gas
  5. 5.
    Play & join the Discord

Step 1 - Install Metamask

Download the Metamask wallet browser extension or mobile app.
If you're new, click Create a Wallet. If you already have a compatible wallet, you can also select Import Wallet.
Your wallet information is extremely important and very sensitive. If you lose your seed phrase, no one can recover it for you which means that your account, along with your tokens and items, will be lost forever. Please take the time to create a strong password and to securely store your recovery information.

Step 2 - Add Polygon to Metamask

In Metamask, click on the current network which is Ethereum Mainnet by default. At the bottom of the list of networks, click Add Network.
Now copy and paste the following details:
  • Network Name: Polygon Mainnet
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 137
  • Symbol: MATIC
  • Block explorer:
After filling in all the details, click Save. You will now find the newly added Polygon Mainnet in the network list.

Step 3 - Bridge assets via The Rift

In order to use your WnD NFTs and GP tokens in game, you will need to use the Rift to bridge them from Ethereum to Polygon.
Click on the Rift in the top left corner of the game.
The first time you use the Rift, you will need to approve it to transfer your NFTs and GP. Click Approvals.
Click on each of the approvals and confirm the transactions in Metamask. The approval transactions require a small amount of gas. You only need to do it once. Then you're ready to use the Rift on the next page.
Select whether you want to bridge GP, equipment or heroes.

Step 4 - Get some MATIC for gas

In order to play Wizards & Dragons, you’ll need to own some MATIC tokens for gas.
Gas fees on the Polygon network are very low, so even 1 MATIC will last quite a while for gas. On average, 1 MATIC will pay gas for 1000 transactions, or 0.001 MATIC per transaction.
You can purchase MATIC on a variety of exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, or You can withdraw the MATIC to your Metamask wallet address to spend it for gas.

Step 5 - Play & join the Discord

Now you're ready to play! Refer to Wizards and Dragons to learn which actions your characters can take.
Keep up with the latest announcements and community updates in the official Discord server.