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The Rift

Gas fees on Ethereum can be costly especially when playing a game over a long period of time, or designing game strategies requiring micromanagement.
The Rift solves the problem of high gas fees by bridging wizards, dragons and GP between Ethereum and Polygon. Players simultaneously benefit from Ethereum's security and Polygon's low gas fees.
Although bridge UX is improving rapidly, cross-chain bridges still leave much to be desired, especially when onboarding users new to web3 concepts.
The Rift is a bridge tied into WnD's lore using several game mechanics in which wizards, dragons and GP play important roles.

Game Mechanics

Players cooperate to stake GP and enable bridging in each direction.
Rift Tier
Players stake GP to reduce their wizards' training cooldowns among other future benefits.
Although most wizards pass through the Rift unscathed, dragons have a chance to steal weak non-genesis wizards.