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Quest of Revealing ✔️

Note: This phase of the game has already completed. The rules in this phase are no longer in effect and are saved here for historical purposes.
This is a side quest which rewards developers (mainly) who reveal stale commits for other players.
Commits are considered stale if they have not been revealed in 1 hour. Stale commits can be fulfilled for 10,000 $GP per token.
What is the purpose of this side quest?
WnD ensures fair randomness on-chain using a commit/reveal scheme.
When Alice mints a random NFT (wizard/dragon), her transaction does 2 things:
  • Commit for Alice's NFTs
  • Reveal the last player's NFTs
Now, Alice needs to wait for her NFT to be revealed by someone else's commit. If it takes too long, the Quest of Revealing can pay a bot to reveal Alice's NFT.
How does the quest work?
If there are stale commits, complete the Quest of Revealing by pressing the "Reveal Old Mint" button on the Alchemy page.
Example: If someone mints 10 tokens and it needs arbitrage, the reward is 100,000 GP.
I can't claim the quest reward.
This means all current quests have been claimed or it is stuck on an invalid one. Try again later.
Note that the Quest of Revealing is designed to be automated by arbitrage bots first-come-first-serve, so that player reveals take place sooner.
Can the quest reward be changed?
Yes, if necessary.