WnD Reborn FAQ

What can I do in WnD: Reborn initially?

When you first experience Reborn, you'll immediately travel through the Rift, a custom crosschain bridge tied into WnD game mechanics.
Then, wizards can enter Training to level up and earn rewards. This begins their stories as game characters who progress and change over time, and is also a step towards future PvP combat.
View the list of the initial new features in WnD: Reborn:

What will be released in WnD: Reborn next?

As the game develops, characters will be able to enter PvP battles, quests, career paths, events, and more, leaving behind a verifiable on-chain history and enhancing their stats and rarity.
View the Roadmap section to learn more.

How does WnD: Reborn reduce gas fees significantly?

The Rift is the new, gamified bridge which allows players to simultaneously benefit from Polygon's low gas fees (usually costing pennies) and Ethereum's security.

How does WnD: Reborn approach security?

WnD: Reborn is written from the ground up compared to Act I, designed with game reliability and security of player assets in mind. The contracts are open source and audited.
Furthermore, the implementation of OpenZeppelin's upgradable contracts allows for discovered bugs to be patched as quickly as hours rather than days/weeks/months, minimizing impact to gameplay.

What is the history of WnD?

WnD: Act I launched on December 1, 2021 as a first-to-market, playable fork of Wolf Game, an open source on-chain risk game.
To lay the groundwork for future game development (PvP, jobs etc), Wizards & Dragons also distributed game items through new game mechanics: Sacrifices/Tributes and Treasure Chests as GP sinks and utility, and an early iteration of Training in which players could stake characters to earn PvP gear.

Is WnD: Reborn similar to Wolf Game or WnD: Act I?

No, both the code and game mechanics in WnD: Reborn have been redeveloped from scratch to support our game development Roadmap.
In line with our vision outlined in the original whitepaper, Act I used a minting mechanism modified from Wolf Game's to distribute wizards and dragons to the early players. That is where the initial similarities mostly end.

When is WnD: Reborn launching?

WnD: Reborn is expected to launch in April 2022, with the date to be announced. Audits are in the process of being finalized. A launch date and a newly designed website will be announced prior to the launch.

If I have wizards/dragons/GP on L1, when can I bridge them to Polygon?

After the launch of the Rift, you can bridge wizards/dragons/GP from Ethereum to Polygon. A simple migration web page and guide will be available.

If I staked wizards on L1, will untracked GP rewards be airdropped on Polygon?

Yes. After the launch, you will be able to view and claim any GP rewards unpaid from staking wizards in the tower on L1.