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$GP Token

What is GP?

GP (Gold Pieces) is an ERC-20 token used as the primary in-game currency in Wizards & Dragons.
GP provides in-game utility including character progression, obtaining utility items and gear, and novel implementations of staking compared to those typically found in DeFi.
Future game releases including PvP, questing and jobs will also incorporate new forms of GP utility and token sinks.

What is the GP contract address?

Ethereum: 0x38Ec27c6F05a169e7eD03132bcA7d0cfeE93C2C5
Polygon: 0xFD7c36C3640DC0eb778ceB463ce618f37FEc5103

What utility does GP have?

Character Progression
GP can be spent in Training to level up Wizards' Training Proficiency, making wizards more powerful and valuable as in-game assets.
In-Game Items
GP can be spent on utility items and gear released periodically. GP can also be stored inside Treasure Chest NFTs with utility in game.
When piles of GP are staked, they have been observed to emanate a mysterious energy. The energy from staked GP is harnessed for Powering the Rift. The Rift is a cross-chain bridge with unique game mechanics.
Staking GP also increases a player's Rift Tier, conferring in-game boosts including cooldown reductions.

How do I obtain GP?

Each round of Training has a random chance to reward an amount of GP among other possible rewards.
GP can be obtained from other holders.

How do I bridge GP to other blockchains?

GP is available on multiple chains. GP can be transferred between Ethereum and Polygon using The Rift.

What are the GP tokenomics?

The maximum supply is 6,000,000,000 GP. The maximum supply is hard-coded in the token smart contract and cannot be changed.
GP Allocation
Act 1 rewards
Fully distributed to Tower v1 ✔️ stakers.
Future rewards
Partially distributed to Tower v2 ✔️ stakers. The remainder is reserved for future in-game and community rewards.
Allocated to the founders to ensure long-term alignment. No tokens have been sold.