Training v1 ✔️

Note: This phase of the game has already completed. The rules in this phase are no longer in effect and are saved here for historical purposes.
Training Grounds v1 is a staking pool which rewards players with Whip and Runes NFTs to be used in future PvP gameplay, rather than the usual ERC-20 rewards (GP).
Players also have the option to stake in Tower v2 ✔️ for GP rewards.


Wizard and dragon minting ended at a total supply of 46,169.

Wizard Actions

Wizards can choose between two staking pools:
Wizards earn a Whip every 2 days (48 hours).

Dragon Actions

Unlike wizards, dragons do not need to choose between pools. Staked dragons collect rewards from both pools.
Dragons earn a Magic Runes once per 2 days (48 hours).
Dragons have a 10% chance of stealing wizards who stake/unstake from the Training Grounds.
If the wizard owner holds a treasure chest, Dragons have a 5% chance of stealing the wizard and a 5% chance of stealing the treasure chest.
Dragons also steal 20% of tax wizards claim from the GP pool and a 50% chance of stealing GP when wizards unstake.